President welcomes Parliament’s approval of new Cabinet


His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today welcomed Parliament’s vote approving the new Council of Ministers.

In a landslide vote Parliament confirmed Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed’s Cabinet.

The President said: “I congratulate the Prime Minister and welcome and commend this responsible and democratic vote by parliament. This is an important step forward for Somalia, which everyone should welcome. The approval of a new Cabinet, which will represent Somalis from all parts of the country, was taken in the national interest and shows our people, as well as our international partners, that our state institutions are growing in maturity and responsibility.”

“It is now imperative that the new government begins its work. It has one of the most challenging agendas in the world and Somalis expect progress in many areas. We must extend security across Somalia and eliminate the threat of Al Shabaab. As new areas come under government control, we need to begin delivering basic public services, including healthcare and education.”

“One of the most important tests of the government’s ongoing public finance management reform will be when it institutes tax collection, which is a major requirement for Somalia and a critical milestone on the road to full recovery and economic development. Parliament’s constructive role in reviewing, revising and approving the legislation that enacts all these reforms will be absolutely essential.”