Prime Minister: Attempted attack will only strengthen our fight against terrorism


His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed sends his condolences to the victims and their families of those killed in last night’s attempted attack on Al Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu.

The Prime Minister, said: “I send my personal condolences to the victims and families affected by last night’s attempted attack and wish those injured a quick and full recovery.

“Last night’s attempted attack at Al Jazeera Hotel will only strengthen the people of Somalia and the government’s commitment to tackle those who threaten the security and stability of Somalia with indiscriminate violence and killing.

“Earlier in the day I had visited the Ministry of Defence and Jazeera Military Training Camp to see for myself the work of our security forces. Last night’s attack was thwarted thanks to the commitment and sacrifice of our brave security personnel. I thank them for their continued service to our country.”