Prime Minister holds first meeting with British Ambassador Neil Wigan


His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, today welcomed British Ambassador, Neil Wigan, to Villa Somalia for their first meeting since becoming Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister thanked Ambassador Wigan for the United Kingdom’s continued support and lead role in rebuilding Somalia and looked forward to a positive and constructive relationship going forward.

Ambassador Wigan congratulated His Excellency Prime Minister Ahmed on his appointment and conveyed the British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, continued commitment to support the Somali Federal Government and its people.

The Prime Minister and Ambassador discussed UK support to Somalia on security and development projects, the formation of a new Cabinet and its priorities and the road map to elections in 2016.

“The relationship between the Somalia and the UK is historic and there is a strong bond between our two nations with a large Somali diaspora population living in the UK.

“We thank the UK for the active role they have played on the international stage helping to build support for Somalia. Here in Somalia the UK is working with us on reforms and capacity building in our security sector as well as delivering a number of development projects throughout the country,” the Prime Minister said.

The pair also discussed public finance management as well as the importance of economic development and investment as security and stability improves.

“Foreign investment can be the engine of growth for the Somali economy and help lead our nation to stability. British businesses are beginning to see Somalia as a good investment opportunity as security and stability improves producing an environment fit for foreign investment.

“I look forward to continuing our positive and constructive relationship with the UK,” the Prime Minister said.