UN Envoy to Somalia comments on the transfer of power in Puntland


The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, appealed today for calm and an orderly, peaceful transfer of power in Puntland following the 8 January presidential election.

“Puntland’s MPs set a great example a few days ago of a peaceful, responsible and transparent election. I salute the statesmanship of outgoing President Farole and praise his constructive role in the handover of power” SRSG Kay said.

“I am encouraged by the assurances given by Puntland President-elect Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas that he will take immediate steps to take care of the interests of the region’s security forces. All security personnel and civil servants must work with the new administration in the interests of the people of Puntland. Public property should be respected and not removed ” SRSG Kay added.

“Puntland’s peace and state-building process is progressing well and should not be spoilt by any group or individuals”, SRSG Kay cautioned.

“The United Nations and partners, including IGAD and the EU, will continue to monitor the situation and offer their support to the people and leadership of Puntland at this critical time,” SRSG Kay said.