Demonstrations held in Mogadishu to denounce Al-Shabaab


Demonstrations took place today in Mogadishu to express disapproval of the attacks at the Somali presidential palace by Al-Shabaab, whom the leaders have claimed responsibility for.

The demonstrations were attended by various leaders from the government and involved a speech from the Minister of Women and Human Rights, Lady Khadijo Mohamed Diiriye.

“We will fight with you because we are not afraid; our ladies will sell their jewellery for the Somali National Army, and they will carry the water for the soldiers when at war with you guys.” Said Khadijo Mohamed Diiriye, Minister of Women and Human Rights.

The Minister stresses that the ongoing fight in Somalia against Al-Shabaab is also being fought by foreign troops who are very much welcome in our country.

The anti-Shabaab protests were publicly held at the Peace Garden and attended by hundreds of citizens who were carrying signs written on them words of discourage against Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda.