Italian ambassador to Somalia sends condolences to the families of the innocents died in today’s attach


I condemn, in the strongest terms, the heinous terror attack that took place this morning near Mogadishu International Airport Aden Abdulleh, in which – once again – innocent Somali civillians died.

The civilian population continues to pay an unbearable price in terms of loss of lives and suffering. They finally have the absolute right to live with their dignity, free from terror, with full respect of their political and human rights.

I appeal to the Federal Government and to the elders and leaders of the all country to express together, unequivocally, their renewed determination to achieve lasting peace for the sake of their people. I seize then the opportunity to stress once again the necessity that inter- and intra-clan dialogue is pursued and enhanced, and that every group, within Somali society, takes steps towards deep national reconciliation.

I am convinced that reconciliation and inter-Somali solidarity will finally prevail, for the Somali Nation to leave in peace.

In this sad moment allow me then, to express my deepest condolences to the families of those innocents who perished in the attack and my warmest encouragement to the injured ones.