AMISOM and Somali National Army capture Eel Buur Town


In an operation that lasted three days, Somali National Army backed by African Union forces captured the strategic town of Eel Buur town in Galgaduud region of Somalia.

The joint forces left Galgaduud headquarters, Dhusamareeb three days ago capturing a number of small towns on the way, these include Ceel-lahele, Ceel-Garas and Ceel-Qoxle. Al-Shabaab ambushed the joint forces in several towns in desperate attempts to prevent AMISOM and SNA troops from reaching Eel buur but they were repulsed.

The African Union Special Representative for Somalia Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif said the capture of Eel Buur town is a welcome victory for Somali security forces and AMISOM.

“The joint operation undertaken by AMISOM and SNA is a great achievement worth celebrating. The people in the Galgaduud region can now feel safe and begin to rebuild their lives unencumbered by the Al Shabaab terrorists”.

This is the tenth major town that AMISOM and SNA have liberated since the offensive started a month ago. Yesterday, after 5 days on the road, African Union AMISOM troops and Somali Forces also captured Mahas town located in Galgaduud region.