Government delivers food aid to liberated areas


Following the liberation of seven key towns from Al-Shabaab by the Somali National Army with support from AMISOM the government has begun the delivery of food aid to the liberated towns.

Up to three million people live in the districts and regions impacted by ongoing military operations and government stabilisation plans are now being implemented to support and revive local services. In the short-term there is a growing humanitarian crisis within both the liberated towns, where Al-Shabaab have done untold damage to local infrastructure including power stations and water points, and amongst the 8,000 people displaced by the offensive. Many people are in need with particular shortages in food and fresh water.

The government has begun convoys to deliver food aid from Mogadishu to the liberated towns and those displaced by the offensive. The food was donated by the Turkish Government with Somali security forces transporting and delivering to the highest priority areas.

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, said: “Following the military success, efforts must now turn to stabilisation of these areas and relieving the growing humanitarian need. Al-Shabaab have inflicted untold damage on both the local people and the physical infrastructure in these liberated towns.

“The need is great and the government is putting all its efforts into helping the many families now in urgent need. Stabilisation plans are now in action, overseen by four Deputy Ministers deployed to the liberated areas, and the delivery of food aid by Somali security forces has begun.

“I thank Turkey for their donation and ask the international community and other humanitarian agencies to work with the government to ensure a quick targeted response to the situation on the ground. If they themselves are unable to facilitate the delivery of food aid I call on them to allow the government and local administrations to deliver the aid on their behalf to those suffering and so badly in need.”