President Hassan tells Somalis: “This is the time to decide your destiny.”


The ongoing military operation against extremists in Somalia is providing local communities with the opportunity to decide their destinies, His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said today.

Meeting regional governors in Villa Somalia with H.E. Abdullah Godah Barre, Minister of Interior and Federalism, the President emphasized now the military campaign was underway there was no going back.

“This current operation is against extremists and will continue until we recapture all territory. We want to give back to the long-suffering Somali people an environment conducive to good governance and public services. We want local people and communities to take an active lead in rebuilding the nation. The local administrations we are helping to build must help the communities in newly liberated areas, providing humanitarian access and aid as well as basic public services.”

The President said beyond the shorter term military action, the government had a clear, ambitious agenda.

“Our plan is to review the constitution, implement federalism and build democracy so that by 2016 there will be national elections. In order for us to reach that goal, local administrations have to be seen to be promoting good governance, providing public services and ensuring we give opportunities to allow people to make an informed decision about their future. We want the local people to see the peace dividend – above all the value of government and good governance.”

The President was speaking ahead of his visit to Japan. The regional governors were Hussein Ali Weheliye of Galgadud, Abdi Adam Hosow of Bay, Abdi Jinow Alasow of Middle Shabelle, Hassan Mohammed Hussein of Banadir, also Mayor of Mogadishu, and Abdulkadir Mohammed Nur of Lower Shabelle.