Prime Minister meets with South Sudan special envoy


His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed today held a side meeting with special envoy for the Republic of South Sudan Minister Kwong Danhier Gatluak, to discuss the ongoing situation in South Sudan. The Prime Minister reiterated that there is a moral responsibility for the safety and lives of all civilians. The pair highlighted the importance of humanitarian aid to be distributed in all regions of South Sudan including regions outside of government control and to continue the process of healing and reconciliation.

The Prime Minister and Special envoy also discussed their hopes for a more stabilized and developed Somalia.

The Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, said:

“As a government and a community we understand and sympathise with the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

“I stress the urgency in which the international community needs to respond and mobilise in order to effectively respond to growing concerns over food shortages, which if not addressed could turn into a humanitarian crisis. All parties must ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian supplies to ensure they reach all communities in need.

“Somalia knows the impact the collapse of state institutions and law and order can have on a nation and emphasizes the importance of inclusive dialogue and reconciliation.”