“This is Somalia’s hour of need,” President tells international partners


His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today called on Somalia’s international partners to stand firm in Somalia’s “hour of need” as the military campaign against Al Shabaab liberates town after town from the extremists.

“We are driving the enemies of peace out of their strongholds which is wonderful news for embattled communities across Somalia,” the President said. “It is now imperative that these innocent men, women and children who have suffered so much see an immediate peace dividend in the form of food aid and humanitarian assistance. This is the short-term precursor to the establishment of local administrations which will be charged with delivering basic public services.”

The President issued a rallying call to Somalia’s international partners.

“We have worked with our friends for a long time on stabilization planning. This is now the time to put these plans into action. Somalis deserve nothing less. On our side we will do everything possible to facilitate safe and secure access for the agencies to reach these communities.”

The President also called on Somalis, including the business community and the diaspora, to support their countrymen and women during this critical time.