NUSOJ welcomes the formation of the Independent Media Law Task force in Mogadshu


The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) welcomes the formation of the Independent Task Force mandated to review and finalize the media law once and for all.

NUSOJ applauds the commitment shown by the Minister of information, Mustaf Dhuhulow in providing the Media and journalists’ representatives 10 out of 16 representatives of the appointed Task Force, an indication of a broader representation, inclusiveness with respect to gender equality..

The National Union of Somali Journalist, which is a national journalists trade union that represent and speaks on behalf of the Somali journalists looks forward to working with the appointed Task force with the aim of ensuring the final draft of the bill safeguards the media freedoms and the freedom of expression in line with the Federal constitution of Somalia and respects the existing regional and international conventions on freedom of expression.