Somali President “The people of Burundi are our true brothers who have given their blood to bring peace and stability in Somalia.”


His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today welcomed the new Burundian Ambassador to Somalia and said, “The people of Burundi are our true brothers who have given their blood to bring peace and stability in Somalia.”

His Excellency Joseph Nkununziza, presented his credentials to the President in Villa Somalia, Mogadishu. Accompanied by Somalia’s Foreign Minister, His Excellency Abdirahman Duale Baileh, the Ambassador pledged his country’s continued support to the ongoing efforts to stabilize Somalia. Ambassador Nkununziza said “We Burundians understand the importance of supporting a brother when he needs it most and that is why our soldiers are in Somalia. Somalia deserves better and we urge the international community to provide timely resources to help the government to build its institutions in order to bring peace and stability. Burundi will increase its support to the government and the people of Somalia.”

The President said: “We are enormously appreciative of Burundi’s support in returning security to Somalia. Burundian soldiers are on the frontlines, helping defeat Al-Shabaab as part of AMISOM. On a daily basis our own soldiers of the SNA, with the support of AMISOM, are liberating town after town. Together, we aim to eliminate the threat posed by Al-Shabaab. That threat exists not only here in Somalia but elsewhere, in other countries. We look forward to continuing to work together in pursuit of our common interests.”

“Burundi is a true brother and we greatly value the sacrifices that they are making here in Somalia. We are also grateful for their support in the training of our soldiers, who are rapidly becoming a professional, capable force. Soon Somali soldiers will be able to provide peace and stability throughout the country and we will take full control of the security of our country. That will only be possible with the assistance of our brother nations like Burundi.”

The Ambassador conveyed a personal message from President of Burundi, H.E. Pierre Nkurunziza, expressing his commitment to strengthening bilateral relations. He concluded his visit with a joint press conference with the Somali Foreign Minister.

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