Cabinet approves Constitutional Review Commission, discusses security


The Cabinet of Somalia today approved the Independent Constitutional Review Commission in a regular session chaired by His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed. The creation of the Constitutional Review Commission is a big step for the Federal Government of Somalia and H.E. Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed welcomed its approval. The Cabinet also had a lengthy discussion about security in today’s session.

The Somali Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Mr. Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir presented the candidates of the Constitutional Review Commission to Cabinet, and they agreed on the following members to head the commission after a lengthy discussion:

1. Ms. Asha Gelle Dirie
2. Prof. Omar Hassan Mahad-Allah
3. Osman Jama Ali (Kalun)
4. Mohammed Abdallah Salah
5. Hassan Hussein Haji

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said:

“Today we have taken a step forward in forming one of the commissions mandated by the constitution. I want to thank the Political Subcommittee and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs for the important role they played in creating this commission.”

The Ministers also had a long discussion about the security situation in the country and tasked the Security Subcommittee with preparing action plans for security.

“Security remains our top priority. The Cabinet has asked the Security Subcommittee to prepare security action plans and review operational procedures for security agencies within 24 hours,” said Prime Minister Ahmed.

Also on security, Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed appointed the Minister of Defence to serve as the acting Minister of National Security following the resignation of that minister.

“I have appointed the current Minister of Defence, Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, to serve as the acting Minister for the Ministry of National Security that was vacated by Abdikarim Hussein Guled following his resignation. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan will assume his new duties in addition to his role as the Minister of Defence until we appoint a new minister to the post. We have important tasks ahead of us, and my government is always striving to fulfill its responsibilities to the Somali people,” said the Prime Minister.