Cabinet Sub-committees have their first meetings


The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellency Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed chaired the first meetings of the Cabinet Sub-committees today.

The five sub-committees named by H.E. the Prime Minister on May 6th are: the Political Sub-committee; the National Security Sub-committee; the Economic Development Sub-committee; the Social Affairs Sub-committee; and the Infrastructure Development Sub-committee.

The Sub-committees will strengthen the coordination and cooperation of the Council of Ministers, and will also facilitate their work with the Parliament and donors. Each Sub-committee will work with its counterpart committee in Parliament.

The Prime Minister said the Sub-committees will deliberate upon and plan each task facing the Council of Ministers before the Cabinet makes a decision.

Speaking about the Sub-committee meetings, H.E. the Prime Minister said:

“The first objective of the Sub-committees of the Council of Ministers is to facilitate the work of the Council of Ministers.

“The Sub-committees will focus on implementing the numerous tasks the government is facing. The members of each sub-committee will discuss the issues concerning their ministries before forwarding their recommendations to the Council of Ministers.”

The important issues discussed in the Sub-committee meetings included how to ensure the implementation of the government’s 2014 Work Plan and how to overcome any challenges that arise.

The discussion also included the progress of Vision 2016 and the New Deal and how to reconcile the 2014 Work Plan with them as a way to achieve tangible progress.

The Council of Ministers welcomed the creation of the Sub-committees and agreed with the reasons for their creation. The Cabinet believes the sub-committees will lead the way to change and progress based on credible work and the implementation of the government’s Work Plan.