Mustafa Duhulow Minister of Information talked about the current situation in Somalia


H.E. Mustaf Duhulow, the Minister of Information, today held press conference in Mogadishu. The Minister spoke the progress of the government as well as the current situation in Somalia and said that the government is committed to action and delivery in order to hold fair and free elections by 2016.

The Minister during the press conference said “for the last 4 months the Somali National Army with the support of AMISOM liberated over 10 towns from Al-Shabaab and now people in these areas enjoy peace. Our forces deserve our support and recognition so that they can accomplish their mission with confidence. Also, the government and the EU have successfully reduced pirate activities by 95%.”

“The government has also implemented the stabilization process in Mogadishu and other regions. We have provided humanitarian assistance to newly recovered areas, and we are planning to reconcile communities in those areas, so that people will be able to take part the nation building process. We have also established security institutions in those areas, such as police stations and courts. We want to provide an environment that is conducive for people to discuss and decide their future, as we want to hold elections by 2016.”

The Minister has also stated that the government has established a sound public finance management that can give confidence to the people and donors. We now have have Governor, Deputy Governor and Board of Directors in our Central Bank and they all came as a result of competitive process with the support of World Bank.

Minister Duhulow speaking on recent terrorist attack in Baidoa said “First and foremost our condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. We pray for god so that all injured people will recover speedy. The government has sent plane to evacuate injured ones from Baidoa to Mogadishu in order for them to receive medical assistance.”

Minister also talked on the issue of the drought in parts of Somalia and said “ I repeat the call that our Prime Minister made recently and call to Somalis and to our allies and friends for the urgent humanitarian assistance in those effected areas.”

Finally the Minister congratulated young people on the occasion of the 71st inauguration of the establishment of Somali Youth League (SYL), and said that the young people were the lead to end colonialism and led us to be independent country. The minister said this is a historic event that we all need to celebrate and teach to our young generation, as we need to be proud of our heros. The government is committed to providing jobs and alternative livelihood opportunities to our young people.”