Somalia: First Somali Deaf Graduated in U.S.


Dalsan Radio

Abubakar Sheikh Abdulle who is the founder of Somali National Association for the Deaf is the first Somalia born, Somalia bred deaf student to graduate in the US. He graduated from the university of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), New York, USA with a double major.

Abubakar was accredited well in the university as last year he was awarded with the trophy of social service better known in that university as Distinguished Public Service Award. The chairperson of the college which Abubakar graduated from RIT/NTID Dr.Gerry Buckley said that Abuubakar is a highly respected student at the college. “Abuubakar is a student leader who is highly respected in the campus”. Dr. Gerry said.

“Abubakar has done a lot in the support for new students from different countries of the world as he helped them to adapt with American culture..”. Dr. Gerrry added.

Abuubakar never relented from lobbying for the Somali Deaf Community as he is still the leader for that organization which is abbreviated as “SONAD”. Last year he came to visit Mogadishu. Abubakar called for all the Somali youth who got scholarships abroad to learn properly and to utilize from their opportunities properly so that they can take part in the rebuilding of their country after they complete their studies.