The Acting of President. “Peace and progress will triumph over cowardice and murder”


The Acting President of Somalia, and Speaker of Parliament, H.E. Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawaari, in relation to the terrorist attack outside the Somali Parliament stated, “These enemies will never derail us from our twin goals of achieving peace and progress in Somalia: two brave goals, which though they may fight against, they will never have victory.”

The Speaker confirmed that a car filled with explosives was detonated today around 11:30am near the main entrance gate of the Somali Parliament on Makka Al-Mukaramma Street whilst Parliament was in session.

The Speaker advised that investigations are still ongoing, and details of the attack and the casualties will be communicated through the media at a later point.

“On behalf of the President and Federal Government of Somalia, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in this cowardly attack. I pray that they enter the highest heaven. I also pray that those injured recover swiftly.

“I recognize the courage, swift response and dedication of the Somali security forces, including the police, Somali National Army and AMISON. Our security forces performed their duties admirably.

“The enemies would like you to think that they are somehow the true friends of Somalia. This is their propaganda message. But today’s act confirms that they are the enemies of all Somalis. The Parliament’s gate is on one of the most congested streets in Mogadishu. They chose today to commit the ultimate act of cowardice by killing and injuring innocent civilians.

“The Federal Government of Somalia, our regional and international partners are committed to continue to fight these terrorist groups. Attacks such as that of today only make us more determined to wipe out their scourge. They will be defeated, and peace and progress will triumph,” said the Speaker.