The Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu met with the China Reconstruction company


Banadir Regional Administration led by the Governor and Mayor Moagadishu Gen. Hassan Mohamed Hussein (Muungaab) met with a Chinese Reconstruction company owned by China Government, the head of the China railway No 5 group Mr Zhaobing and the Marketing Manager Mr WU significantly highlighted that now is the right time to rebuild Somalia.

The Chinese delegation underlined that they came to Somalia to rebuild Government institutions especially the most important city assets such as , Airport, Seaport, Roads in the capital city, ‘’ we are also beyond reconstruction company we are a comprehensively well integrated Chinese industry that also brings Chinese Trading exchange here in the ground of Mogadishu, we will open Chinese Town in Mogadishu, we will enhance export import businesses said Mr WU who is the Marketing Manager of the company’’said

The Governor & Mayor Gen.Mungaab, Welcomed the delegation and thanked for the Chinese government for their relentless efforts that had paid in the past and for their immense energy that they are willing to take part in new Mogadishu infrastructure rebuilding. ‘’ what I want to see it that, Beautiful Mogadishu, I call all international partners to come in Somalia , help the people of Mogadishu to rebuild, and China is openly welcomed to the ground in Mogadishu.

The Chinese multi mega project company ‘’ China really-way #5, submitted to the Governor and Mayor Gen. Mungaab a profile shows their achievements in other African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi, eventually the Chinese delegation promised that they will open training institute in Mogadishu to generate skillful young Somalis, ‘’90 percent of our operations in Mogadishu will be trained and prepared for young Somalis, what we do is that we will bring 10 percentage of Chinese experts to train Somalis to rebuild their city and country as whole said Mr. WU’’

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