Justice & Constitutional Affairs Minister: “A milestone achievement has been made towards the Constitution Making Process in Somalia.”


FaaraxSheekh20140522H.E. Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, the Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs today welcomed the overwhelming approval of the Federal Parliament for the Independent Review & Implementation Commission. 134 members of the parliament voted in favor of the commission yes, 9 voted against, while 10 abstained. The Minister said “A milestone achievement has been made towards the Constitution Making Process in Somalia.”

Minister Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, speaking on to the media said “The Federal Government of Somalia believes that the Constitution Making Process should be a Somali-Led and Somali-Owned process, something that is very important to the legitimacy and the ultimate success of the process. The Government is committed to the implementation of Vision 2016, including the Review of the Provisional Constitutions, the implementation of Federalism and the democratization process in order to hold free and fair elections by 2016. The Review of the Constitution is a pillar of Vision 2016. Once the review of the constitution is finalized there will be a referendum. Prior to the referendum there is a set series of activities, including public consultation, civic education, debates and discussions that will provide an objective view of understanding of the constitution.”

The Minister of Justice & Constitution Affairs continued his press conference, said “The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to ensuring that the process is transparent and accountable to the people. Therefore, it is essential for the Somali people to take part in the process, as the engagement of the public is the key to the success of the process. I therefore call on everyone to support the process as the review of the constitution is vital to the realization of Vision 2016.”


Here is a short profile of each member of the commission:

1. Mrs. Asha Gelle Dirie

Studied faculty of education at Lafole University in 1984 and obtained post graduate degree on women and rural development in India, she had three decade long professional experience in the areas of governance, education, peace building, conflict resolution, gender, community development, environmental protection and rural development. Before her appointment, she served as the Minister of Women & Family Affairs for 8 yrs in Puntland State of Somalia.

2. Mr. Osman Jama Ali

Studied Electronic Engineering at Leningrad, Soviet Union in 1968, and served as a Minister of Fishers and Marine Transport and Minister of Public Works and Housing between (1973 – 1989), he also served as Deputy Prime Minister of the Transitional National Government of Somalia under President Abdikasim Salad Hassan, and was a candidate of the presidential elections in 2004. Osman is currently the Chairman of the Somali Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy.

3. Prof. Hassan Omar Mahadallah

Mahadallah is a Professor and researcher in the Dept. of Political Science at the Southern University of Baton Rouge (SUBR), Louisiana USA, he is an author with a vast experience on Somalia and has published a number of articles on Somalia including “The Origins and Essence of Somali Nationalism, Leadership in the Horn of Africa, The Horn of Africa: Intra-State and Inter-State Conflicts and Security, History of Somalia’s Armed Forces, Continuity and Change in U.S. Foreign Policy toward the Horn of Africa, Islamic Courts, Ethiopia’s Intervention in Somalia, and Its Implications for Regional Stability, Somalia: Economy without State, The Somali Conflict: Clan Rivalry or the Cabals of a Few”.

4. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

Mohamed is a legal Consultant and Attorney to various International and local Institutions, appeared as a solicitor at the Somali Courts between (1972–1975). He has been in the field of law since 1972 and has extensive experience in the field of conflict management, peace building, Negotiations and Strategic Leadership.

5. Mr. Hassan Hussein Haji

Hassan is an experienced lawyer, specialized in the field of immigration, asylum & international humanitarian law. In the past few years, he has been actively involved in legal and academic discussions about the constitutional building, appeared a weekly TV program in the subject. He has a rich understanding in the constitutional making process and will bring vast knowledge to the commission.