Somali President: “I look forward to a strengthening of Bilateral Relations between Canada and Somalia.”


XasanSheekhAndCanadaAmb20140615_2His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today accepted the credentials of the new Canadian ambassador to Somalia, Mr David Angel. The Ambassador thanked H.E. the President for accepting his credentials and he promised to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. He also conveyed a personal message from Prime Minister of Canada, Mr Stephen Harper.

H.E. the President welcomed the ambassador, saying: “I hope Mr. Angel will work hope to strengthen bilateral relations between Somali and Canada. The Somali Government is committed to work closely with closely.

H.E. the President concluded by thanking the government of Canada for the hospitality they have shown to the Somali Diaspora in Canada, noting that many are now returning to participate in the rebuilding of Somalia and bringing back with them vital skills they have learned abroad.