Somalia signs StandBy Force Agreement


H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister of Somalia who is in Malabo for the African Union Summit welcomed the East African Standby Force; this agreement has been signed by 10 nations including Somalia. The East African Standby Force (EASF) is a regional organization whose mandate consists of enhancing peace and security in the East Africa region. This organization includes five regional multidimensional Forces of the African Standby Force including Military, Police and Civilian components.

This organization was created in order to fully commit to the vows African Union has made in regards to peacekeeping. It will ensure rapid intervention,peace and support which will make certain African Union implements preventive deployment within the region.

The main objective for this organization is to create fundamental bonds of friendship throughout the continent and to ensure that Africans control their own lands; and to ensure continuation of peace, stability and preemptive strategies to withstand future obstacles. Ten African nations have unanimously agreed upon this mandate and have vowed to uphold their commitment to strengthen security and preserve peace throughout the region.

“I am glad that Somalia is part of this new initiative although Somalia is still stabilizing, this event shows that Somalia is determined to aid itself against violence and aid their brothers and sisters throughout the continent. “ Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said.

The need for a common African Defense and Security mechanism is incredibly necessary to the well-being of innocent lives. The African leaders felt compelled to develop African solutions that would respond to the multifaceted challenges threatening stability, security and cooperation on the continent.