The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to transparency and accountability during the Constitution Making Process


H.E. Mustafa Duhulow, the Minister of Information, today spoke on the progress being made on the Constitution Making Process. The achievements of the Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs are leading to a transparent and accountable process as part of Vision 2016. 

On 29th May 2014 the Council of Ministers approved the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission (ICRIC), a group of 5 well known and well-respected individuals within the community. The Parliament will soon approve the commission.

H.E. Farah Abdulkadir, the Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, speaking on the process said: “As 2014 is the year of Action & Delivery, the Federal Government of Somalia is in the process of completing all the processes to establish the Commission so it can start its work. The process includes establishing a venue, the collation of all existing documents and materials related to the review process and, finally, a Technical Retreat. The Technical Retreat will be jointly convened by the cabinet and the parliament during second week of July and immediately following the Technical Retreat the Commission will link up with Federal Institutions for feedback. Then the Process Framework will be presented to regional authorities for their comments. Finally, the cabinet will give its endorsement and it will then be ready to be presented to Parliament before parliament enters recess on July 20. The Process Framework will then be shared with the public and the Independent Commission will be officially launched.”

Minister Farah Abdulkadir, speaking on the purpose of the above process said: “The purpose of the process is to have transparency and accountability, to share information and to create the conditions that will ensure the legitimacy of the Constitution Making Process. It is also to clarify expectations regarding roles and responsibilities and to strengthen coordination across all institutions. The Federal Government also aims to share the Process Framework with the International Community and to discuss guidelines and principles that will build greater coordination.”

He continued: “During the month of August, activities are planned that will focus on strengthening capacities in the design and facilitation of public education, dialogue and the consultation processes. We will ensure that state-of-the-art practices and tools inform these processes. The review process will bring people together who come from different perspectives to discuss important and challenging issues. These conversations will require skilled management to ensure that all voices are heard and all perspectives are considered.”

Minister of Information during the press conference said: “The Federal Government of Somalia believes that the Constitution Making Process should be a Somali-Led and Somali-Owned process, something that is very important to the legitimacy and the ultimate success of the process. The Government is committed to the implementation of Vision 2016, including the Review of the Provisional Constitutions, the implementation of Federalism and the democratisation process in order to hold free and fair elections by 2016. The Review of the Constitution is a pillar of Vision 2016. Once the review of the constitution is finalised there will be a referendum. Prior to the referendum there is a set series of activities, including public consultation, civic education, debates and discussions, town hall meetings, and media activities that will provide an objective view of understanding of the constitution.

The Minister of Information concluded his press conference, saying: “The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to ensuring that the process is transparent and accountable to the people. Therefore, it is essential for communities to take part in the process, as the engagement of the public is the key to the success of the process. I therefore call on everyone to support the process as the review of the constitution is vital to the realisation of Vision 2016.”