Joint Press Conference on Failed Terrorist Attack on Villa Somalia


Tonight, at Villa Somalia, HE the Minister of Information and HE The President gave a joint press conference following this evening’s failed terrorist attack. HE the Minister of Information, Mustafa Duhulow provided details of the attack: “The attackers approached in a Noha people carrier vehicle, but were stopped at a checkpoint by Somali National Army personnel. At this point the attackers left their vehicle, and detonated a bomb in the car before attempting to penetrate an office complex that houses the offices of various Ministries. Fortunately, the prompt actions of the Somali National Army, assisted by AMISOM forces, quickly halted the attack. Of the four attackers, three were killed in the car park, and one was captured. Bomb disposal personnel have rendered safe a number of devices, including a suicide vest that one attacker was wearing that had failed to detonate. There will be a thorough investigation and the results of that investigation will be shared with the public by the Government.”

HE the Minister of Information continued: “The terrorists attacked just before Maghrib, the time of Iftar. Their most unholy actions in the month of Ramadan are shameful. They despise peace and wish to destroy everything that the government and the people working for. The security forces stopped this attack just as they have foiled other attacks previously. Terrorism is a global problem that needs a global solution. The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to fighting terrorism and is grateful to the international community for its continued support.”

HE the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud then addressed the media: “As is evident from where I am speaking to you- in my residence in Villa Somalia- Villa Somalia is safe and secure, and I am safe and secure. Wild rumours of terrorists controlling government buildings and ongoing gun-battles are false. As the Minister of Information has detailed, the Somalia National Army, with the assistance of AMISOM forces, quickly dealt with the attackers and secured Villa Somalia. The attack failed.”

HE the President continued: “Terrorists can make as many claims and threats on the internet as they want. I say to them, you will not kill us, and nor will you demolish our spirit. We exist in the real world, not on the internet, and we are here to stay. The Federal Government of Somalia is here to stay. And I am here to stay, with Allah’s will. The terrorists cannot affect the good work we have done together because we are long past the stage where we can be halted. The momentum is with us, and against al-Shabaab.”

HE the President ended: “I want to conclude by sending out a clear message to all Somali parents: please be aware of your children’s activities. They are Somalia’s sons too, and we have to work together to ensure all our children stay on the right path. Make sure you work with the government, and let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary. We all have a part to play in the security of our nation and I call upon you to play your part in defeating the terrorists and making Somalia secure, stable and prosperous once again. I wish you and your families the best for the Holy Month of Ramadan.”