The Federal Government of Somalia on Media Reports Related to the UN SEMG Report to the UN Security Council


Since the UN SEMG Report has not been officially released it is not possible for the Federal Government of Somalia to respond in detail. Once the report has been released officially then the FGS will respond in detail.

The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to continuous improvement in all activities. We have demonstrated our commitment to progressive public financial management in many ways, including appointing the Financial Governance Committee (FGC). The FGC released its first progress report in May, highlighting significant public financial management achievements. As part of the FGC’s remit, reviews of six major government contracts were recently undertaken, including that related to Shulman Rogers.

The FGS has solicited advice from the World Bank’s Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative on the Schulman Rogers contract. As result of advice received, the Government revoked the contract firm’s previous worldwide power of attorney on 13 May 2014, and is renegotiating the contract. International advice will continue to be solicited as the national asset recovery proceeds.

The Federal Government continues to seek the most effective means to recover significant stolen and frozen Somali assets. At present, due to the capacity limitations of Somali institutions and lack of data records, the Federal Government cannot easily identify either the amount or the locations of Somali assets. Recovering these assets is extremely complex and requires specialist support and international cooperation. Any assets recovered will be reinvested in improving public services in Somalia. We welcome international efforts in recovering assets and to further joint cooperation efforts to strengthening Somalia’s statehood.