The Public Expects Demonstrable performance from the new PM


The National Unity Party wishes to congratulate PM Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke whose premiership was approved today by the federal parliament. The party also wishes to remind the new PM of what the public expects from his premiership:

1. The public expects the PM to implement both the letter and the spirit of the provisional constitution, which delineates the different roles of the cabinet, parliament, judiciary and presidency. Failure to do that would lead to a repeat of the conflicts and the one-upmanship we have seen before.

2. The PM is expected to build a consensus government to heal the rifts that emerged from the recent parliamentary motion on former PM Abdiweli Sh. Ahmed. Failure to build consensus would give credence to the perception that there are winners and losers within government.

3. The PM is expected to prioritize the fight against graft and impunity, twin evils that present clear and present danger to the core of our statehood.

4. The PM is expected to speed up the implementation of Vision 2016 which was meant to usher in a representative, federal democracy that can win the trust of the public and bring back our lost dignity and pride.

We wish the new PM much success in fulfilling the people’s expectations and we pray that Allah would guide him on the right path, the path that would lead to unity, peace and prosperity for our nation.