Somalia: Puntland Forces launch Security operations in Bosaso


Somali’s Puntland state police spokesman said that overnight security operations in the port town of Bosaso raided suspected individuals who are linked in a bomb attack on town’s police station last week.

“The police have conducted several security sweeps in Bosaso and captured few crooked and brainwashed individuals “Bosaso police Chief Abdihakin Yusuf Hassan told local reporters.

Puntland police forces have been conducting 24 hour operations in Bosaso major villages and extra troops have been deployed in the region’s outskirts.

“Also our police Forces in here launched massive campaign against cars with tinted windows to thwart any attack attempt” Hassan said.

The northern Somali semiautonomous regional state president Abdi-wali Mohamed Ali Gaas has offered an official amnesty to Al-shabaab defectors. The group still remains strong in Gal-Gala Mountains.

Al-Qaeda liked militants in northern Somalia took credit for the latest attacks in Gal-gala and elsewhere in the region.