SOMALIA: Seize fire takes effect in Guri’el following deadly battle


RBC – (Guri’el) Seize fire between Somali government forces and Moderate Sufi Islamist Ahlu Sunna forces had taken effect in Guri’el village following a deadly clashes, RBC reports.

Commission consisting of clan leaders and politicians who were appointed to ease the escalating conflict in Guri’el, a village in Somalia’s Gal-gudud region, had first time commented on the the village’s situation saying both conflicting parties have agreed to implement seize fire.

Speaking to RBC Radio, Gal-mudug former president Mohamed Ahmed Caalim, who is the chairman of this commission stated that Ahlu Sunna and Somali Government forces have agreed to implement a seize fire.

Caalim has urged the village’s residents who have fled to return to their houses, promising them no more fighting in the village.