The President: ‘Formation of a reconciled, forward looking and inclusive administration imminent in the Central regions’


11 February 2015, Mogadishu: The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has expressed his optimism regarding ongoing reconciliation initiatives and the formation of an inclusive administration in Somalia’s central regions.

Speaking at a dinner hosted by the Prime Minister in Mogadishu for parliamentarians, the President reflected on his visit on 10/02/2015 to Dhuusamareeb, in the Galguduud region, commenting that he saw how people, politicians and other societal groups are determined to forgive each other and move forward in establishing a promising future for their regions.

‘’In Dhuusamareeb I witnessed the impressive maturity of people who are ready to forget the past and move forward. We agreed that reconciliation meetings should continue until the end of this month and then from next month, people will start the process of forming a regional administration’ said the President.

“The central regions are very important in terms of bringing lasting peace to Somalia and creating a good future for our people. It’s important to maintain the unity of the people in these regions. The Federal Government is committed and determined to ensure that law and order is fully restored by establishing a regional state. This is the only way to move forward.”

The President also called on the people in central Somalia to unite and ensure that their reconciliation meetings become fruitful for the benefit of their regions and the entire country. He reiterated that the Federal Government is fully committed to, and is actively encouraging the facilitation of regional states’ formation across Somalia.

During his visit, the President also closed a special training session for members of the National Security Agency forces in the region.