MP: Delay of the election is ‘politically motivated’



A member of Somalia’s outgoing parliament Abdullah Godah Barre said the postponement of the country’s general elections is politically motivated and serves the interest of sitting top officials.

Barre said the electoral commission has failed to lead the country to a fair and free election on Oct. 30, after it announced a month-extension on Monday, making the 2nd delay in the polls.

“The outgoing government has no yet a clear plan for the election which missed its deadline which was agreed before by the federal states leaders and central government leaders,” Barre said.

Somalia has extended the electoral process timetable by 30 days, as the international community has previously warned such postponement which it said could lead a new political crises in Somalia.

On Monday, The electoral commission has made public that the presidential election of Somalia which was expected to happen at the end of next October has been delayed for another month.