Somali government calls for the release of citizens detained for piracy


Federal Government of Somalia has called upon the release of hundreds of its nationals detained across the globe for piracy related crimes.

Press statement from the ministry of information has said that Mogadishu is sorry about lack of justice facing Somali citizens detained across the globe for various crimes.

“The government is calling upon the ministry of foreign affairs and its diplomatic missions to closely follow up detained citizens and the challenges facing them,” said part of the press statement released to the media on Tuesday.

Somali government has called upon all countries where Somali citizens are detained for various crimes to protect their human rights and facilitate excess to fair justice.

“Federal government of Somalia is calling upon Kenya, India, Sychelles and all other states holding Somali citizens for piracy case to allow them serve prison sentence inside their country,”

The statement comes following the prosecution of more than 50 Somali citizens to death by Indian court for piracy crimes.

Hundreds of young Somalis are detained across the globe following the collapse of the central government for various crimes mainly illegal entry and piracy in the international waters.