Ex deputy PM calls on Govt to step up Somaliland talks


Former deputy prime minister of Somalia Mohamed Omar Arteh has urged the new government of Somalia to speed up the talks with Somaliland administration, to keep the country’s unity.

Speaking at a handover event on Saturday, Mr Arteh called for an affective and productive talks between the Federal government in Mogadishu and the self-declared breakaway Somaliland.

“The talks between Somalia and Somaliland administration should not be a waste of time. Both sides must focus on security, education and economic before the unity discussions,” said Arteh.

The talks have stalled after the two sides failed to implement previous agreements, including the airspace control reached in Istanbul, Turkey.

Somali government is trying to convince Somaliland to become a member of the federal states in the country, and put aside its ambition of Secession and an independent nation.