Somali President vows to restore Mogadishu security


Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has vowed to restore the overall security of the capital Mogadishu, following series of Al shabaab bombings by Al shabaab militants.

Addressing at at a ceremony marking the 57th anniversary of the foundation of the Somali National Army in Mogadishu on Wednesday, President Farmajo said he will reinstate former military commanders who led the liberation of Mogadishu from Al shabaab in 2011.

“Our new security strategy will begin with the capital, and then proceed to the other regions. We will not rest until we restore the peace and stability in the country,” said Farmajo.

Somali President on the other hand has called on Al shabaab to come to the negotiating table, and open talks with his government or face eradication within the coming 2 years.