Somalia: Government arrests over 40 UAE Trained Soldiers in Connection with the Illegal raid of the Senator’s House


MOGADISHU (Horn Observer) Somalia government said that it had arrested over 40 soldiers including two commanders who have conducted the illegal raid against the senator’s house on Saturday.

The arrest follows after Somala president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo condemned the illegal raid against the Senator’s house and ordered the Somali army chiefs to launch prompt investigation.

Heavily armed UAE trained security forces raided the home of a Somali senator Abdi Hassan Awale on Saturday, bringing speculations whether the UAE trained forces are really in controll of the Somali government.

The senator in a press briefing said on Saturday soon after the attack on his home said the Security forces who raided his home were Somali government forces, but trained by UAE.

The Emirates have great influence in the Somali politics and have recently agreed with Somaliland authorities to open a military base in Berbera, a base primarily aimed to launch attacks against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

– Horn Observer –