NUSOJ condemns the arbitrary arrest of a journalist in Galkayo


The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) condemns – in the
strongest terms possible – the arrest of a Somali journalist on Friday,
12 January, 2018 in Galkayo.

The arrest of Hanad Abdi Farah who is the Director of radio Vioce of
Mudug, came after his radio released a report on number of people who
were organising a rally against President of Somalia who was due to
visit in the divided city the following day despite organisers of the
rally were later dispersed by the police.

“I was arrested by the police on Friday around 10:00 AM local time and I
am still in custody and spending a jail in Galkayo the second night”
Hanad spoke NUSOJ on the phone with facilitation of police officer

NUSOJ is concerned about the arrest of the journalist without due
process and asks Galmudug leaders to release the journalist

Press freedom is a critical issue in Somali regional states, where
journalists are still harassed and jailed,” said Mohamed Ibrahim
Moalimu, NUSOJ Secretary General. “We call for the immediate and
unconditional release of Hanad Abdi Farah as there is no lawful reason
for his detention,” Moalimu added.

The officers in charge of the Police station where the journalist is
detained declined to comment on the reason of the detention of the

Some State administrations continue to put pressure on Media Houses to
sensor them. On Januray 8,2018 A journalist Abdishakur Abdullahi Ahmed
Shaashaa was released from custody in Jowhar with the help of NUSOJ
after 12 days of detention at the Police Station in Jowhar.

Shaashaa was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, 28 December. 2017 after
the local authority accused him for airing hate speeches and creating
false reports.

More than 30 journalists were arrested in several parts of Somalia in
2017 ,last year including Somaliland and the National Union of Somali
Journalists is very much concerned with the continuing harassment
against Somali journalists in the country.