Somalia seeks to raise awareness on countering extremism


Source: Xinhua

Somalia on Wednesday launched the digital outreach section of the Centre of Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) as part of efforts to spearhead campaigns for prevention of radicalization in the country.

Abdirahman Omar Osman, the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism who opened the digital outreach section, said effective campaigns on social media will contribute to the overall peace and stability in the Horn of Africa nation.

“The ministry of information has been leading the efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism for some time and today’s ceremony is evident to our commitment and determination to reach an end state where conflicts are addressed politically as opposed to through violence,” Osman said in Mogadishu.

The digital section will provide accurate and useful information to young people, which in turn helps them to understand the benefits of democratic institutions in Somalia.

It also appeals to young people’s emotions to stay away from joining Al-Shabaab and discredit Al-Shabaab by exposing their brutality, and hence weakening its following and public support.

According to Osman, the digital section provides a platform for the youth to exchange information and show their talents by taking part in the nation building of the country.

“Given the fact that Somali youth is estimated to be 75 percent of Somali population and majority of them are actively engaged in the social media, it is essential that digital outreach campaigns that engage with communities is established,” Osman said.

He said young people also need to see how communities are building their nation and to see how nationalists and patriots can bring people together so that a united and prosperous Somalia can be established.