Mayor Eng. Yarisow Says That His Administration Is Working Hard To Be Closer To The Public


Mogadishu, 16 Feb, 2018 – The Mayor and Governor of Mogadishu, H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), launched yesterday Hodan District’s Schools Sports Competitions, and urged them to take part in the peace and the development of the capital city.

The Mayor of Mogadishu stated that the youths are the majority of the Somali people and their vision and ambitions will be used to drive Somalia’s recovery and to make Mogadishu one of the most beautiful and safest capitals of the world.

Eng. Yarisow added that, apart the importance of sports for the integration of communities, it also clearly reflects how the city is recovering from the years of neglect and that his new Administration shall help the communities to unite for the sake of the country and to actively take part in its development. Young people deserve our attention in order for us to prevent them joining terrorists groups and the only way is to ensure that your youth get education and an environment that they can fully engage with the development of their country.

“We are committed to the development of the district and the strengthening of sports to get a healthy and a united community. The District of Hodon is the neighborhood where I grew up and attended school and, today, I am very happy to be standing in front of the people of the district that I love and see their happy faces showing great hope”, said Mayor Yarisow.

The Governor of The Benadir Region, H.E. Abdirahman Yarisow, added that he is working hard to bring his Administration closer to the public so that they can have a say on the decisions affecting their future, which can only be achieved by a community that is united in purpose and sharing a common vision.

The opening ceremony of The Hodan District’s Schools Sports Competitions was attended by Ministers, officials, various civil society organizations and the residents of Hodon District of The Benadir Region.