The mayor of Mogadishu has had discussions with the leaders of the Benadir Regional Courts on improvements of the Public justice


The Governor of the Benadir Region, who is also the Mayor of Mogadishu, H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) and the heads of the Regional Courts, the president of the Court of Benadir, H.E. Aweis and the president of the Benadir Regional Court of appeal H.E. Salah discussed ways to improve the service of the courts to Somali public living in the capital city.

Eng. Yarisow has discussed in depth matters concerning land ownership disputes, he pointed out the importance and necessity of a just treatment to those who have the correct ownership certificates, whereas it is imperative that, those presenting falsified/fake documents be confronted with severe accountability, as forging documents is a crime.

Mogadishu Mayor stressed how his administration intends to pay special attention to the improvement of justice which can play a major role in the security, economic development and trust within the public.

“ The Somali public expects from You justice based on fairness, I recommend You to be the good examples of compliance beacons of justice and to serve the public fairly, especially in the land dispute matters, and to disregard anyone trying to convince You break the law. To develop, this country needs justice, and You have a major role to play implementing it” said Governor Eng. Yarisow.

The new administration led by H.E. Abdirahman Yarisow is working on ways to provide a modern justice system, which can cover the needs of the Somali public, securing at the same time the International Human Rights.